Sea Horse

Sea Horse features a range of products from sanitary ware, bath fittings, floorings, building materials, chemicals, hardware, wall claddings, doors and windows, electrical, lights, furniture, artefacts and wall art, home automation and security systems.

The entire SeaHorse range is sourced from the best quality manufacturers from across the globe and all their products match European and American quality standards. This is a major advantage for Indian builders, as it brings to them the possibility of a building standard that is truly global. Not only that, Seahorse is capable of providing the customized products as well, which will be a boon for builders, architects and interior designers as they will not only have the very best to choose from the SeaHorse’s extensive range but also be able to give shape to their creativity by getting the final product to their specifications.

The Sumer Group

logoThe Sumer Group has been in the forefront of the Indian construction industry and is today one of India’s leading property developers and builders. We have successfully developed more than 09 million square feet of land, and have an additional 14 million square feet area under construction, and we are proud to bring a superior quality of construction to everything from rehabilitation programs to townships.